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Kronzucker et al.
(2013, Plant & Soil)

Kronzucker et al.
(2003, Physiologia Plantarum)

Balkos et al.
(2010, Plant, Cell & Environment)

Li et al.
(2022, Plant, Cell & Environment)

Publication Highlights

Measurements of NH4+ and NO3 root acquisition capacity with N-13 radiotracer in roots of late-successional conifers reveal a strong preference for NH4+-nitrogen and limited capacity to access NO3—nitrogen from soil (Kronzucker et al., 1997, Nature 385,59). Plant roots differ in their adaptation to the NH4+ or NO3 sources of nitrogen, which can determine plant distribution patterns in ecology (Britto & Kronzucker, 2002, Journal of Plant Physiology 159, 567; Kronzucker et al., 2003, Physiologia Plantarum 117, 264).

Fertilizer nitrogen (N) losses in the field for the “big three” crops, rice, wheat, and maize (Coskun et al., 2017, Nature Plants 3, 1). Losses as high as 50-70% of N applied by farmers are frequently encountered.

Demonstration of NH3 gas transport across plant membranes by radioisotope techniques and electrophysiology (Coskun et al., 2013, Plant Physiology 163, 1859).

Oxygen measurements in cereal roots reveal the shift from ionic NH4+ to gaseous NH3 transport under special conditions, producing very large transmembrane nitrogen fluxes (Coskun et al.,2013, Plant Physiology 163, 1859).


Sodium toxicity in the world’s most important crops species rice, relates to Na+ transport in apoplastic spaces (spaces outside living cells), while transport across root cell membranes is quite small (from a cover article in Canada’s largest national newspaper, The Globe & Mail; see as well Flam-Shepherd et al., 2018, Journal of Experimental Botany 69, 1679).


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